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Dry Walling

drywallingFine Drywalling & Partitioning Finishes

GS Projects offer professional drywall installation for all your finishing and repair needs. Our company services retail and commercial clients with seamless finishes and long-lasting workmanship. These services may include the design, planning, and installation of the drywall partitions, as well as any necessary finishing or cleanup work. We also offer additional services, such as acoustic insulation, fireproofing, or soundproofing, depending on the specific needs of the project.

When you choose GS Projects for your finishing needs, you get a quality job, done right the first time. Our crew arrives on time, offering a free detailed estimate with respect for your needs and expectations.

Our client base

We have had the absolute pleasure of working alongside some of South Africa's largest companies and we continue to offer our best to all our clients.

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